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Black and Kuta Press. The Publishing Company is based in the county town of Essex, Chelmsford. Established in 2018, we have quickly begun to make an important and progressed involvement within the publishing industry.

Black and Kuta

It is hard to think of anything as alluring as the LGBT+ community, for all that it stands for and for the struggles they face.

It is the most diverse community in the world, defined by sexual orientation, gender and identity. The freedom to express this is sadly not a privilege for all.

The world has a long way to go.

Eventually, we will get there, if we stand strong and proud, our future looks brighter than it has ever been.

We have every intention to blur the boundaries of contemporary culture, help record the history of the LGBT+ movement and showcase our vibrant community as a collaboration with like-minded authors, photographers and artists. We want to break down hierarchies through all mediums, help remove prejudice views and showcase to the world the beauty of the LGBT+ Community.

The work we publish showcases the literary talents of authors the world over, we care about our writers, editors, artists, and customers. For without them, we could not exist, we offer support and stay in contact from the moment a new manuscript arrives too the day of publication and beyond.

Many of our projects are intended to reach out to individual communities and ethnic minority groups. Some of our projects assist in raising money for charity.

Black and Kuta Press has big plans for its future. We intend to set a new standard in publishing unique to its competitor’s where Artists can both enjoy seeing their work in published print and have the knowledge they are treated as one of our team.

With a world in mind. Everybody is important and we run a completely equal opportunities business. Submissions are open to every country worldwide, in whatever language you wish to write in.

Language is beautiful and so is our world.

Let us together create and inspire.

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