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LGBT+ Publisher and advocate for equal rights

Publish with Black and Kuta Press

Authors, Poets, Photographers and Artists Wanted.

We are an LGBT+ Publishing company. We do not publish solely within this market but do focus on LGBT+ writers/artists/photographers or works intended for the LGBT+ community including works by LGBT friendly authors.

We are currently looking for new authors to join our publishing house and would be happy to receive your completed manuscript or hear about your ideas.

Author’s, Please send your manuscript via e-mail and saved as either a RTF, .doc or .pages file.

For artist’s and Photographers, please send across an example of the work you intend to publish including a blurb about your idea.

As a company we work closely with the LGBT+ community and friends off, we aim to distribute our clients’ works to a wider audience.

We currently publish in softcover and digital only as these mediums provide the highest return in royalties.

Our books are legally registered with Nielsen Books, complete with ISBN number. Each copy is deposited with the British Library. 

Legal deposit is the statutory obligation to deposit at least one copy of every UK publication, free of charge, at the British Library and on request the five remaining libraries: The Bodleian Library, Cambridge University Library, the National Library of Scotland, the National Library of Wales and the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. Each of these libraries is entitled to delivery, free of charge, of one copy of every publication that they request.

For this reason, Black and Kuta Press provides a total of ten copies of each book published, six reserved for legal deposit, one for our own personal archive and three copies sent to the author.

There is no cost to publish with Black and Kuta Press, and we use print-on-demand services and digital mediums to keep our cost low. 

We are an Indie publishing company and work closely with our authors through each and every step, we are happy to answer any questions.

We promote our publications across all of our social media platforms, these include the following:




Whenever possible and at the discretion of our editors, they may use their own personal social media platforms to help push sales and promote our publications too.

We provide a print-ready book for publication and will design book covers if needed. We do ask that all manuscripts are copy-read before publication, this will need to be provided by the author or we can provide this service at a cost,  in some cases, you may be able to proofread the book yourself and our in house editorial team will also make corrections free of charge.

Proofreading if needed is the only initial cost involved, although you do have the obligation to hire artists to design a cover or illustrations, and you may be able to reach an agreement with illustrators to provide work on a royalty basis, of which is paid for through your own Royalty payment. In most cases, book covers can be designed at minimal cost using Royalty Free images, of which we as a company will provide.

Royalties on sales are paid every 90 days.

We do ask that our authors help promote their published books, and regularly post on their social media platforms. We can provide book mockups and any necessary links needed for you to use at your discretion.

We publish our books in the United Kingdom, but all of our publications have a worldwide distribution and will be listed in catalogues that belong to physical bookstores including Waterstones, Foyles, Walmart and many more. We cannot guarantee that your book will appear on a book store shelf, but you as the author have the opportunity to approach your local store and ask if they are willing to do so. 

We will also endeavour to do this too and will send out press releases to appropriate magazines and newspapers in the hope they will showcase your work.

Author contracts are sent by email after a manuscript is accepted, and work is published once proof copies are approved by both author and publisher.

If you have any further questions, please e-mail and we will answer as best we can.

We look forward to receiving your manuscript.

Kindest Regards,

Stephen Kuta (Editor)

Peter Black (Editor)