Moonchild by Anshika Dhar
by Anshika Dhar
Features & Details
  • Size 5×8 in, 13×20 cm
    38 Pages
  • ISBN
    • Softcover
    • 978-1-9162739-2-4
  • Publish Date 25th November 2019


Moonchild is the debut poetry anthology by Anshika Dhar

He jumped off the bridge with his heart racing

The fresh air hit his face

He could feel the blood in his veins;

With the rope tied to his feet, he felt free…

About the author

A love hate relationship with almost everything that exists. Spends most of her time overthinking, feeling a bit too much and making jokes about … well … everything. Finds reading and watching thrillers and horrors relaxing. Creates characters who do things she does not and hopes to one day find inspiration from at least one of her own characters.

Anshika Dhar



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